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29th August 2018

Rhino Race for Chessington World of Adventures Resort

The White Rhino is one of the biggest and heaviest living, land-based animals in the world. The male weighs in at around 2,300kg (around the same as a new Range Rover). Their front horn can grow as long as 1500mm and when they start to move, they can reach speeds of almost 50kmh. Even GCSE […]

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13th June 2018

Finish Line signage for Ascot Racecourse

Ascot Racecourse is one of the leading racecourses in the UK and hosts 26 days of top class racing, including nine Group 1 Flat Races. The course itself was founded in 1711 by Queen Anne, when the first race, “Her Majesty’s Plate” took place with seven horses and a purse of 100 Guineas. With this […]

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29th January 2018

Joel Wright and the Electrical Test Centre

Joel Wright has joined the team as an Electrical Engineer. Joel, who is 24, lives in Long Eaton with his wife. With a father who is an electrician too, his training started very young, when he began helping out on sites, the day after he left school. He’s already had quite a busy few weeks in […]

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11th January 2018

Electrical and pneumatic test and assembly area

We’ve been busy over the Christmas break and are well on the way to completing the design and construction of a new electrical and pneumatic test, repair and assembly area. It’s another sign of the growth of the business that we have run out of clean working space for this type of work within the regular manufacturing […]

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20th December 2017

That was 2017 – A year in review at Garmendale

2016 was a very big year for Garmendale as the business grew and developed our range of rides for theme parks and attractions. Well, we’re delighted to report in this 2017 review that this year has been even more successful and we have made further huge strides forward. We started the year with a project […]

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13th December 2017

The apprentice that engineers theme park rides

Last week (December 6th 2017) saw the launch of the 2018 Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering. It is a global £1 million prize that celebrates a ground-breaking innovation in engineering and aims to encourage younger people to enter the engineering industry. Much of the talk around the launch has been on making the work of […]

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6th December 2017

Seasonal Closure at Garmendale

It’s approaching that time of year when the team are allowed to head home for a winter rest, so we wanted to let you know our closing times during December. Officially we close at 17.00 on Friday 22nd December and return fully refreshed and ready to go at 08.00 on Tuesday 2nd January. Obviously, if […]

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29th November 2017

Finishing metal with a vibratory tumbler

One of the unusual machines we have in a quiet corner of the workshop is a vibratory tumbler. It’s like a great big potato rumbler for metal parts and was designed and manufactured in Coventry, UK. Our man Dick who has refurbished the vibratory tumbler and installed a new motor to keep it running for […]

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15th November 2017

Welding to World Class Standards

To most people, welding may be seen as just one of those processes that happens when mechanical things are made. Wikipedia describe it as follows ‘Welding is a fabrication or sculptural process that joins materials, usually metals, by causing fusion.’ To some, welding may even be an art form. Watching an experienced and talented welder […]

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