Ride Refurbishments & Adjustments

Refurbish your ride system with our expert and dedicated team of mechanical engineers to breathe new life into your attraction.

We have the facilities you need to give your ride system a complete overhaul, whether it is updating an existing ride with improved mechanical, structural or electrical equipment, adding new components or a touch up of cosmetic themed elements to bring a fresh ride experience.

We can also help you to update your containment and restraint systems to become compliant with current design standards, or improved control systems with added safety features and redundancies to ensure maximum safety for all of your guests.

At our premises in Derbyshire, we have 19500 ft2 of combined area for our in house fabrication workshop, fitting workshop and specialist ride testing facility each with overhead cranes a maximum lifting capacity of 8000kg. We have ample space and facilities to undertake a ride refurbishment of any size and complexity. We also have our very own in house painting facility and 5000kg curtain sider transportation.

Mechanical Refurbishment & Adjustments

A complete mechanical stripdown consists of our highly experienced engineers taking everything apart and putting it back together and if necessary older ride systems are brought back into alignment with the recently updated BS EN 13814 design standard.

We will refurbish or replace every part that falls short of the standard and bring it back up to scratch.

All components undergo a complete mechanical refurbishment where every bush, bearing and mechanism is stripped, cleaned, painted, tested and rebuilt.

Every component is inspected individually, before being tested and reassembled by hand by one of our experienced engineers.

Structural Refurbishment and Adjustments

Equally as important as the ride itself, evacuation platforms, walkways and access stairs are essential for any water ride or rollercoaster for allowing passengers safe egress in the event of an emergency evacuation or ride failure. At Garmendale we have a rich history of working on the design, manufacture and refurbishment of evacuation platforms, walkways and access stairs for all ride systems. Garmendale have invested heavily in personnel, systems and processes and are BS EN 1090 ex 2 compliant which ensures we are both well equipped and legally able to design, build and install these types of structures.

This sets us apart from most engineering and fabrication outlets. BS EN 1090 ex 2 specifies the requirements for conformity assessment of what are termed the performance characteristics of the structure – essentially those criteria such as toughness, fire resistance, fatigue performance etc – and requires the implementation of a factory production control (FPC) system. BS EN 1090 ex 2 also details the “Technical requirements for the execution of steel structures” and specifies the requirements for the manufacturing of structural steelwork – this includes both bolting and welding. The steels covered by the specification comprise not only the conventional carbon manganese steels such as EN 10025 S275 but also high strength steels up to grade S960, ferritic, austenitic-ferritic and austenitic steels. In short Garmendale Engineering are the go to provider of these types of structures ensuring they meet compliance are inherently safe.

Give your water ride a new lease of life by refurbishing tired looking trough sections and rusting supporting structures.

Water rides are notorious for extreme amounts of wear and corrosion due to outdoor weathering and being submerged in water for most of their operating life. After a period of time It is common for water to leak through the joints between troughs and the support structure to rust.

Garmendale will disassemble the troughs and support structure and then reinstall upon completion of the refurbishment and ensure the ride is set up as good as new.

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Electrical Refurbishment & Adjustments

Breathe new life into your attraction with the latest technology and range of interactive features.

Turn your ride into the next smart attraction! We offer a range of services to take your ride to the next level.

At Garmendale we believe that interactive technology plays a vital part in the future of the industry. We have implemented interactive technology on our own ride systems and from personal experience we really see the difference interactive cannons or VR environments make to really increase the immersion of guests and keep them coming back.

With more and more innovative technology in development any traditional ride system can be turned into the next big attraction with a few simple upgrades.

Control Systems

The demands of a modern ride system have changed in recent years and safety is paramount more than ever.

Our control systems are second to none and ensure safety throughout the ride.

Control system updates are crucial for older rides being refurbished and relocated to a new site. Since many rides have been in operation BS EN 13814 has changed and so the control system must be adapted to first of all come into line with the standard but also to make the ride safer for guests.

Our team of experts can advise you on the most suitable, long-lasting and cost-effective solution to controlling your ride.

Stay up to date with all the latest standards with our innovative containment solutions.

Our design team have undergone years of research and development incorporating anthropometric data, design standards and guest cognitive behaviour to expertly design our containment and restraint systems to ensure the absolute highest level of safety for your guests.


Oakwood Theme Park

Our brief was to refurbish or replace every part that fell short of the standard to bring it back to ‘as new’ standard, so it would run beautifully AND safely for another two years.

Megafobia Roller Coaster Refurbishment



Garmendale was appointed as the principal contractor on site. Our first task was to remove the large themed mountain and structure that the train ran through and around. When the theming was originally created it was normal practice to use scaffolding and polystyrene to create shape and structure. This made it no easy task to remove and replace the dated theming.

Rocky Mountain Transformation

Other Services

Specialist Engineering

The engineering and design team have many years of experience and technical knowledge in all types of engineering; civil, electrical, manufacturing and mechanical engineers and can apply their experience to any application.

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Park Maintenance

We can provide an annual service package to maintain, repair and refurbish ride systems and infrastructure. Bringing new life to your assets, ensuring guest safety and maintaining compliance with standards.

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Installation Services

Install your assets with confidence with our dedicated and experienced team of project managers and site engineers who will deliver your project on schedule and within budget.

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Ride Refurbishment & Adjustments

Utilize our experienced team with cross-industry knowledge to revitalize your ride or transform it into something new.

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Zoo Engineering

Keep your animals and guests safe with our range of purpose built enclosures.

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FRP/GRP Systems

Theme your attraction to the highest standard with fully customisable solutions.

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