Installation Services

Make your project a success by commissioning Garmendale to install your products.

Utilize our unique set of skills and expertise developed over forty years installing ride and gating systems for theme parks and attractions around the world.

Keep your project on schedule with our skilled, fully equipped engineers who are certified to weld on site, work safely at height and to operate cherry pickers, telehandlers and fork lift trucks.

As part of our installation service we can provide dedicated project management, site preparation, delivery and assembly of components and all necessary technical documentation, including; risk assessments and method statements.

Certified Engineers You Can Depend On

We maintain the highest standards and reflect this in our recruitment and training policy with a diverse range of engineers.

Safety is at the forefront of all that we do, our engineers are qualified with the CSCS scheme for onsite work and are experienced in ensuring your staff and guests are not exposed to any risk when major work is being executed.

We comply with ADIPS standards and operate to ISO9001/2000 quality systems.

All of our welders are coded to the requirements of BS EN15614-1:2017 ensuring that critical safety welding is undertaken by people with the highest levels of competence.

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Against the Torch.

Working with Merlin Entertainments Garmendale were presented with installing the weymouth tower for the 2012 Olympic Games. The tower weighing in at just over 1000 tonnes presented many challenges.

The foundation had to be set using a solid concrete ring buried 18 feet below the surface. A system of carefully positioned cranes were used to assemble a series of 30 ft long sections that make up the 174 ft tower with the gondola being the final component to be lifted into place.

The project was completed over the winter months before the Olympics were due to take place and the harsh winter coastal conditions at Weymouth meant the tower could only be erected during low wind speeds. Despite all of this, Garmendale were able to deliver the project on schedule and on budget ready for the Olympics.

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Garmendale’s first challenge was the installation of the concrete foundation ring, this 2.5m diameter ring had to be level to within half a millimetre. Garmendale specialise in building rides and have many years’ experience of project managing complex installations such as this. Their team drew up a plan that included the delivery and assembly of the 10 metre long sections of the tower.

The Weymouth Jurassic Skyline Tower

Other Services

Specialist Engineering

The engineering and design team have many years of experience and technical knowledge in all types of engineering; civil, electrical, manufacturing and mechanical engineers and can apply their experience to any application.

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Park Maintenance

We can provide an annual service package to maintain, repair and refurbish ride systems and infrastructure. Bringing new life to your assets, ensuring guest safety and maintaining compliance with standards.

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Installation Services

Install your assets with confidence with our dedicated and experienced team of project managers and site engineers who will deliver your project on schedule and within budget.

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Ride Refurbishment & Adjustments

Utilize our experienced team with cross-industry knowledge to revitalize your ride or transform it into something new.

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Zoo Engineering

Keep your animals and guests safe with our range of purpose built enclosures.

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FRP/GRP Systems

Theme your attraction to the highest standard with fully customisable solutions.

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