Back in November, we showed you a job we were working on for Oakwood Theme Park in Pembrokeshire, Wales. It was to refurbish the Silver train from the unbelievably cool Megafobia Roller Coaster.

1 The Silver Train Is Finished Refurbished And On Its Way Home To Oakwood Theme Park

It’s such a well loved ride that it even prompted one man, Mark Lewis to have it tattooed on his arm.

Megafobia Tattoo On Mark Lewis
Mark Lewis’ Megafobia tattoo

The ride carries two complete trains, the Silver and the Gold trains. The full train consists of six carriages, each of which carry four passengers. At its peak, it reaches a height of 26 m, is 901 m long and reaches speeds of 48mph. When you see these stats and understand that when it hits the hills, it drops at a maximum 55 degree angle and produces G Forces of 2.75, you understand why these rides need regular refurbishment.

2 The Silver Train Is Bound For Oakwood 1000x750 1

All of the bushes and bearings have been overhauled and all of the required parts have been non-destructively tested. With this type of mechanical refurbishment, we work through every component and clean, paint and rebuild anything underneath the passenger compartment that needs work. It’s a bold claim, but with this project completed, it should be running as well or maybe even better than when it was first commissioned in 1996. It’s good to go for another few years.

4 Close Up Of The Carriage Of The Silver Train From Megafobia 600x800 1
Close up of the carriage of the silver train from Megafobia

So, we’re excited to announce that the Silver train is now on its way home and is due to be refitted to the track and begin test runs again next week. With the all new upholstery fitted to the carriages too, we now know that all of the passengers will be super comfortable, as well as super safe.

5 Detail Of The Newly Upholstered Seating From The Silver Train For Megafobia 1000x1000 1
Detail of the newly upholstered seating from the Silver train for Megafobia

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