It is no secret that Garmendale Engineering know how to create an incredible gating system. With our world-renowned RG-11 gating systems featuring in many of the world’s greatest theme parks and attractions. From Universal Orlando to Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi our gating systems are taking over the world. The most recent and ambitious RG-11 gating system to date is currently operating on Universal Orlando’s award winning Velocicoaster. This set of gates featured its own impressive challenge as each gate featured a glass in-fill panel.

Each incredible project presents its own challenges and our latest gating challenge centred around speed. In a world where basic commodities like petrol and even loo roll can be hard to come by, Garmendale was asked to create a gating system worthy of a parks entrance. Though a manual gating system; its no easy feat to design, manufacture, finish, and install park gates in a matter of weeks.

Chessington World of Adventure wished to update their park entrance gates and Garmendale leapt at the opportunity to be involved. To have the gates installed as early in the season as possible was the main objective, whilst still delivering our superb level of quality expected by our clients.

Designed in house and manufactured in weeks our team also finished the gates in the desired brown paint to suit the parks jungle themes. After manufacturing, Garmendale’s expert team of site engineers visited Chessington world of adventure installing each gate. Crowd-pleasing gates in a matter of weeks thanks to Garmendales impeccable service.

If it’s timeline, access or any other potential project obstacles Garmendale are specialists in thinking outside the box and solving your issues.

If you have any queries gate related or otherwise do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team.

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