…This is a Garmendale Technical Manual.

And when we do a technical manual for a client, as we do with all things, we like to do things properly. This is just one example of the manual for a ride we have recently completed the manufacture and installation for in Dubai. It’s an Immersive Tunnel Ride for the Don Ride in Bollywood, Dubai.

Five Technical Manuals And An Operation And Maintenance Manual Ready To Go

Five Technical manuals and an Operation and Maintenance manual ready to go


The documents consist of six books. Five of them, as you can see, are technical manuals and the sixth is a manual for the operation and maintenance of the ride. As we said in our last blog post here, keeping a ride well maintained is the key to keeping a ride safe.

You may have noticed through these blog posts that we like stats and unusual numbers here at Garmendale and always love a good set of figures. So here are a few about these manuals.

We supplied six complete sets to the clients as per their original request. Each manual consists of well over 2,000 pages. On those 2,000 pages, there are over 600,000 words – The equivalent of sixty undergraduate dissertations. Within the pages, there are also 172 mechanical drawings and over 120 electrical drawings. It’s a huge piece of work and each set weighs in at 11.5kg. So hot-footing it to Dubai today is over 69kg of lovely manuals.

So, when we produce manuals for our rides, we like to do them properly.

Five Technical Manuals And An Operation And Maintenance Manual Ready To Go

Just to let you see, quite how many pages there are in a set of our manuals

As a business, garmendale are striving to deliver exceptional customer service in every area. From the quality of the initial ride design, right through to the smallest details of the project. Whether this manifests itself as a simple bracket to make access to a control board easier to maintain for an engineer on site or the level of step by step instruction we add to these manuals, you can be assured that we care about delivering an exceptional piece of work for theme parks and attractions across the world.


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