Over recent months, the Garmendale team have been slowly turning Japanese. It’s a new market for us and we have just completed one of our best rides to date. 

Nearly 127 million people live in Japan and there are going to be a lot of them heading towards a certain park to ride this latest Garmendale family ride, which left our Derbyshire factory today. 

It’s a brand new six arm QuadStar that has been designed and built around a world class and hugely famous IP, that all of us will have played with, in our younger years.

But this one has some extra fun built in too. Not only does it give the rider full control over the height of the passenger ‘car’, but to customise the ride system, we have added a whole new layer of interactivity. It gives the riders the chance to shoot at moving targets around the ride area, throughout the duration of the ride. 

The ride itself is similar to the Vroomster Ride within CBeebies Land at Alton Towers but to the untrained eye, looks totally different. We have said it many times before, that as soon as the branded vehicle is added to the ride itself, the engineering behind it almost disappears. For us, this shows the skill within the design as it’s the IP that needs to be front of mind to passengers, not quality of the design and build. 

1 The Ride Elements Are All Boxed In Individual Packing Cases
The ride elements are all boxed in individual packing cases

Once it arrives, the Garmendale onsite engineering team will meet it there to complete the installation and commissioning. This is expected to take around 12 weeks, with an agreed date for later in 2019.

We will show more of the ride when it is announced, but in the meantime, we can only show you the huge boxes of built components leaving us in a series of 40ft containers. 

2. This Is Just A Small Portion Of The Full Load Thats Leaving
This is just a small portion of the full load that’s leaving
3 The Packing Cases Are Then Loaded Within The 40ft Containers
The packing cases are then loaded into the 40ft containers
4. When Complted The Containers Are Loaded Onto A TransporterJPG
When completed, the containers are loaded onto a transporter
5 And Lifted Across Onto The Truck For Transport To The Port
And lifted across onto the truck for transport to the Port
7. All Packed Up And Ready To Go
All packed up and ready to go

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