At the heart of the QuadStar ride is an incredibly well engineered centre column. When completed it will weigh over seven tons on it’s own, but it is built to the highest engineering standard of BS/EN 1090 so we can guarantee it is made to an exceptional standard and every part being used is from a named source who also adhere to the standards. It’s an international engineering standard that ensures the ride is just stronger and better built. Every one of the welders has to be certified and every section that makes up the ride itself has to be made to this same exacting standard.

There are three key sections to the centre column which starts under the ground in the ride foundations and then is built up to allow the arms to be fixed. The easiest way to explain the ride is to show you from under the ground upwards.

First comes the foundation fabrication. What you can’t guess from the image that it has been designed to be completely buried, but we still believe that our focus on exceptional quality is the right way to go. There’s ducting designed in and perfectly protected to deliver the services into the middle of the ride.


Welding Up The QuadStar Foundation Fabrication 2 500x380 1

Welding up the QuadStar foundation fabrication complete with ducting


The next stage is the Ride Stand which is a huge piece of metalwork and took over two weeks on its own to manufacture.

8 The QuadStar Ride Stand Is Now All Machined And Prepped And In The Spray Booth Ready For Painting 539x303 1

The QuadStar ride stand


On top of the ride stand is a slewing ring to enable rotation. This second shot shows the machining to the top of the stand to fix the slewing ring to.

The QuadStar Ride Stand With Machining Detail To Add The Slewing Ring 500x500 1

The QuadStar Ride stand with machining detail to add the slewing ring


And then the biggest piece of all is the actual centre column. You only get to understand the scale of this when you see someone standing inside of it to work on it.

The QuadStar Centre Column 2 700x525 1

The QuadStar Centre Column


There is almost a months work in this centre column as the tolerances have to be so exact. It’s the rotating part of the ride and has the arms fixed to it, so there is literally no room for error in the manufacture. When it is finished, it will have years of trouble free operation, so the extra effort now is well worth it in the long term.

Finishing The Inside Of The QuadStar Centre Column 800x600 1

Finishing the inside of The QuadStar Centre Column

Build Update

There’s been further work on the centre Ride Stand and it’s all ready to go with only the paint required to finish it for fitting. Here is is in the Spray Booth ready for paint.

8 The QuadStar Ride Stand Is Now All Machined And Prepped And In The Spray Booth Ready For Painting 768x1024 1

The QuadStar Ride stand is now all machined and prepped and in the spray booth, ready for painting


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