RG-11 System Overview

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The RG11 shotgun gate system has installations throughout the world, our gates have delivered many millions of theme park passengers to their rides.

RG11 System Overview

The shotgun gating system range by Garmendale is versatile enough for any application. From controlled entry systems to exit gates our systems improve safety, throughput and offers years of trouble-free operation.

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High-Quality Manufacturing

All of our gates are designed to BS EN 1090 standard to ensure long-lasting safety, reliability and durability.

Our gates are shot-blasted, zinc rich primed and powder coated to RAL colour codes, and are available in a stainless steel polish, satin finish and glass.

Alternatively, we can work with your creative team to come up with a variety of themed effects.

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Engineered to the highest standards

Our range of shotgun gates are designed and manufactured to meet BS 7036 parts 1, 3 & 4 Code of Practice for safety of powered doors, and BS EN ISO 13849 covering safety-related parts of control systems.

Designed to be virtually maintenance free, the entire range, once installed will offer years of operation.

They are manufactured in accordance to BS/EN 1090 ex 2 so every component is traceable and of the best quality, with the added assurance that the workmanship is built to last a lifetime*

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Principles of Design

Unlike conventional kinetic energy locks which can be forced open, our system mechanically locks, preventing unauthorised entry and maximised safety.
Gates can be fully integrated with the ride’s control system. Preventing dispatch unless all doors are closed and locked properly.

Coded switches that make it impossible to activate the gates or ride any other way than that intended by the detailed design risk assessment, therefore ensuring visitor safety and avoiding human error.

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The Drop Tower experience Nemesis Sub-terra the RG11 system is fully integrated into the ride experience.

In this instance the RG11 system is used as an exit gate system however the challenge was to theme the system as part of the ride experience.

We manufactured two themed fire rated doors complete with pressure sensitive switches and intumescent closures.

Guests plunge 20 ft into darkness, the lap bars are released and guests rush to the exit chased by themed actors. They are met with 2 steel themed doors covered in an ancient alien language. After a few painstaking seconds the doors open and guests are released.

This unique system went to the next level of safety requirements and ride integration the system meets performance Level E.

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Fully incorporated into Intermin’s control system, Colossus is the UK’s only quadruple inversion coaster.

The RG11 system has been installed and styled with perforated mesh in-fill panels finished in theme colours.

It loads two trains, seven cars at two across, fulfilling a ride capacity of 1200 per hour, at a maximum speed of 48mph and reloading every 1 minute 45 seconds.

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