New Arrivals

A fully immersive 2DOF ride system for either 4 or 6 guests per vehicle. Designed to pitch, roll and heave simultaneously in synchronisation with 3D projection screens to create a 4D ride experience within a small footprint.

VipeR VR Ride System

A unique virtual reality experience, for 6 guests with a family friendly self-contained platform. Take guests on a wild immersive ride with customisable vehicle bodies to fit any theme.

Cutting edge 2 DOF motion base packed with possibilities.

This 6 person motion base ride system takes guests on a Deep Sea Exploration, Space voyage and even to the prehistoric era our partners have every VR experience imaginable. Pairing the rides 2 degrees of frequency with an immersive VR experience creates an crowd pleasing experience for all the family. Ideal for use in smaller spaces including Family Entertainment Centres, Retail Leisure Outlets and Museums & Science Exhibitions. Featuring 2 degrees of movement complete with a full motion profile that will simulate the movement of the accompanying VR film.

The GRP Ride Vehicle body is fully customisable and available in a range of styles and patterns to fit any theme. Also available with the Viper ride system is a ride envelope barrier system to ensure safety for guests in even the tightest spaces.

Technical Data

  • Class – Dark Ride
  • Passenger Cabin – 6 Seats
  • Degree of Freedom – 2 (Pitch / Roll)
  • Theming – Fully Customisable to any Brand or IP. VIP Custom Themed Capsule.
  • Audio – Audio systems that are fully configured to your exact specification. Our intelligent audio systems seamlessly integrate with your experience.
  • Features – Integration with VR. Hundreds of films to choose from with fully integrated motion profile.

Marketing Solutions – The Human Claw

Take Marketing To The Next Level

How would you like your next marketing event to be all over social media? The Human Claw is a marketing centre-piece like no other offering riders a ‘human grab machine’ experience. Riders will be lifted into a huge pool of branded items, for example – crisps, chocolate bars, teddy bears, pens, or bottled beverages. By offering a marketing experience, buzz is created and with our Human Claw, that buzz will spread across all social media platforms.

Maximise Your Brand

From confectionary and drinks brands to toys and vehicle brands, the Human Claw is adaptable to any brand identity. Previous successful Human Claw events include Proper Snacks ‘Proper Dropper’. The event held in the centre of London late last year saw influencers and members of the general public attempting to grab as many packets of snacks as possible. A similar event can be planned for your brand, get in touch with our team today for more details.

A Pop-up Marketing Activation Like No Other

On this 2-person experience everyone’s a winner. Whilst 1 guest is acting as the claw, another guest is controlling the system driving and eventually dropping the claw. Garmendale’s specialist team will transport, install, test, and operate the Human Claw for the duration of the event before dismantling the system and clearing site.

New To Range Experiences

Flying Saucer – Dual Action Wheel

Other Dark Rides

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