As part of our ongoing expansion and desire to offer more services to a higher standard, we are in the final stages of completing the build of our own jumbo spray booth at our UK HQ. When we say jumbo, we mean it, as it’s 12m x 4.5m with a height of 4m.

When it’s completed it will allow us to bring all of our spray finishing work back in-house. It will also allow us to work to even higher quality and potentially to even tighter deadlines. We will be able to work with a wider variety of paints and finishes and ensure we can deliver to our standards throughout. It has its own purpose designed and built paint mixing room too.

With a booth of this size (it’s nearly 220 cubic metres), extraction and airflow is critical, so it’s fitted with three huge extractors, complete with silencers – the air is filtered on the way in and filtered on the way out. This ensures it’s a totally safe place to work too and it’s even fitted with flameproof lighting so we eradicate any fire risk completely.

We’re just completing the final commissioning and running some tests on it as we speak,  so we hope to have it fully up and running within the next month or so. More pictures when we do.

You’ll see we have a pair of traction engine wheels in the booth at present, which gives you more of a sense of scale. These wheels are over two metres in diameter and look tiny in the middle of the booth! Overall, it will allow us to work with items up to 3.35m x 3.64m and over 10m length That’s huge!

As with most of our projects, it was fully designed, specced and built by our own in-house team and we even built a purpose built unit to house it in too.

The Front Of The Paint Spray Booth With Its Huge Doors And Extractors 760x1024
The front of the Paint Spray booth with its huge doors and extractors
Rear View Of Paint Spray Booth Showing Three Giant Input Fans 682x1024
Rear view of paint spray booth showing three giant input fans
Two Traction Engine Wheels In The New Spray Booth 1024x768
Two Traction engine wheels in the new spray booth

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