With all the changes in the theme park and attractions industry for more technology and faster, more scary rides, we have found at Garmendale, that one of our fastest growing areas for enquiries is for one of our very simplest rides, which is the Tractor Ride.

We have had one in operation in the superb family attraction, Sundown AdventureLand in North Nottinghamshire since 2001 and it’s still a firm family favourite.  The ride takes four passengers around a track that is made up of a central guidance rail incorporating a power conductor rail system fixed to a concrete path.

In terms of scale, the ride system is completely flexible and can easily be as short as 185m, right up to a much longer 360m+ ride. Because of the simplicity and inherent safety, it means the throughput can be huge with up to 560 people per hour in a standard setting. It runs on a 48v DC system and because of the track design, can operate in quite tight spaces with a radius as small as 3.5m.

The Sundown Adventure Land Tractor Ride By Garmendale 2 600x533 1

Of course, if you don’t like tractors, the design of the car itself can be changed to fit any design or IP. So, whether you want a race car, a crane or even an elephant, we’ll find a way of working with your idea and bringing your dream to life.

The tractorSundown Adventureland Tractor Ride 768x357 1 ride has always been one of our favourites and we’re delighted that it’s come back in fashion.

The Sundown Adventure Land Tractor Ride By Garmendale 4 600x533 1 The Sundown Adventure Land Tractor Ride By Garmendale 5

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