Joel Wright has joined the team as an Electrical Engineer. Joel, who is 24, lives in Long Eaton with his wife. With a father who is an electrician too, his training started very young, when he began helping out on sites, the day after he left school.

He’s already had quite a busy few weeks in the business too, with his first role to design and fit out an electrical test centre that we featured on the blog here a few weeks ago. This is now complete and he’s moved onto to planning the electrical layout for a new workshop extension that we’re building next to our existing manufacturing facility.

Joel Builds Up The New 12 Power Stations For Our New Workshop Extension 500x500 1

Joel builds up the new 12 Power Stations for our new workshop extension


Joel’s work is already laid out for him for a few months to come too. He’s also building the control panels for 20 new electric cars we have designed and built for a UK attraction (more on this one soon as they look very cool indeed). These all have radio control systems in them so they can be centrally shut-down or reactivated simultaneously.

The Completed Workspace Is Flexible Enough For Almost Any Electrical Test And Build 700x525 1

The completed workspace is flexible enough for almost any electrical test and build


The test facility is now all ready to go and you’ll be seeing more images of projects being built and tested here over the coming months.

The facility will allow us to keep an even closer control on the increasingly complicated electrical boards and controllers that are built into theme park ride systems. We have found that by designing and building our own boards and controllers we are less reliant on external suppliers and can keep the standards more consistently high. It’s also a clean working space away from the normal working areas that keeps some of the dust and debris produced in an engineering workshop away from the sensitive machinery deployed in this new facility.

View Across The Completed Test Centre 500x600 1

View of the completed test centre

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