The brand new Go Jetters Vroomster ride at CBeebies Land is now officially open. It’s also been featured in a great new TV advertisement which you can see here.

The ride has been designed, manufactured and installed by our team here at Garmendale and been featured in our blog over the last few months.

We are going to cover this in more detail about how we got to the final product, built and installed, but for those of you who may have missed some of the installments, we announced the ride here with our initial drawing of the QuadStar Ride.

One of the first and most major jobs was to complete the centre column. This is the foundation that the entire ride is built on, so it needs to be exceptionally strong. You can see the centre column for the ride emerging here.

The ride car chassis came next and again as they were being built to a whole new standard of BSEN1090 they are stronger and chunkier than anything that’s gone before. The amount of work that just goes into the chassis is amazing, but when you see the completed ride car with individual lap bars and rider height control, you can understand why. You can read that here.

The ride arms came right after the production of the fences, gates and the control kiosk for the ride. These arms, when they were in the workshop, already looked strong, but by the time they reached the site and were installed, seemed to take on a new level of gracefulness and comments from riders are complimenting the smoothness of the ride itself. As you can imagine, we love that sort of compliment and as engineers, it’s great to see the calculations on a (digital) drawing board deliver a ride that is noticeably better for the passengers. That’s covered here.

The raw ride cars arrived and looked amazing. And that was before they had the colour and branding added to them. It’s always the way that when the ride is near complete, the focus switches completely away from the engineering and onto the aesthetics. There’s still a lot of work from here to a completed ride, but it does make it easier when the start point is this good.

And as a little reward for getting this far following this series of blog posts, we’re offering you the chance to win your very own Fisher Price Go Jetters Vroomster. To be in with a chance of winning, just name your favourite Go Jetters character and pop your answer on the Garmendale Facebook post here.

The winner will be drawn at random on Wednesday 5th April 2017 and announced on the Facebook page. Good luck.

Go Jetters Vroomster At Garmendale Competition Smaller 800x500 1

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