We’ve been busy over the Christmas break and are well on the way to completing the design and construction of a new electrical and pneumatic test, repair and assembly area. It’s another sign of the growth of the business that we have run out of clean working space for this type of work within the regular manufacturing areas.

1 The Deck Cleared Ready For The Build Of The Test Area 700x525 1

The deck cleared ready for the build of the test area


What this new area gives us is a purpose designed and standalone space that has been custom designed and built to be the perfect area for this work. As with everything we do, when we look at a job we do tend to build it to the best possible specification, in order for it to remain useful into the long term.

2 The First Frame Is Clamped Up And Ready To Go

The first frame is clamped up and ready to go


The new layout creates three working bays and a mini production area for prepping boards and cases. Each bay has every possible electrical connection so we can literally prepare and test any electrical tool, product or process.

3 We Soon Have The Basis Of A Stand Alone Office

We soon have the basis of a standalone office


The actual connections are three phase 415v 32A, 415v 16A for industrial use, single phase 230v 32A, 230v 16A for regular products and finally 110v 16A to allow us to test, repair and assemble site tools and products for the US market and beyond.

4 The Final Parts Come Together In The Assembly With Peter Broadhurst Leading The Build 700x525 1

The Final parts come together in the assembly with Peter Broadhurst leading the build


Next to this, we have pneumatic connections for the repair and servicing of tools and again to test pneumatic products. It is literally the most flexible set-up you can imagine.

5 The Painting Of The Finished Space Begins

The painting of the finished space begins


We will show you more pictures in a few weeks when it’s completed.

6 The Wiring Begins By Joel 700x525 1

The wiring begins by Electrical Engineer, Joel Wright

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